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 Ascension Public Schools 31 Schools with 1 More Under Construction

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400 Buses Run 484 Routes Each Day

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 95% School Attendance Rate

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 3.5 Million+ Meals Served Last Year

 10,000+ Maintenance Work Orders Completed Last Year 

4,000,000 SF Maintained by Custodians



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 $303 million General Fund Operating Budget

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 75.8% Dedicated to Salaries and Benefits

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 AA Credit Rating

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 $51,574,160 in Goods Purchased and Delivered in a Year

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 $39 million in Federal Grants



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 24,000+ Student Devices

 One -to-One Student Computers in Pre-K -12th Grade

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 2.5 Million + Unique Website Views

1.5 Million + Facebook Reach

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3,400 Trees & 28 Million+ Sheets of Paper Saved with Peachjar Digital Flyer System



 3,400 +Employees (Largest Employer in the Parish)

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 41 Graduates of Teach Ascension Academy

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 1,536+ Support Staff

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 1,690 Teachers

98 Teacher Leaders*

83 Principals, Assoc.,& Asst.

*Master, Mentor & Teacher Coaches 


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90.1% Graduation Rate

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59% of Graduates Enroll Directly into College

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19.7 Average ACT Composite Score

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68 College Credit Courses Offered at High Schools

5,130 Industry Based Credentials Earned




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 24,138 Students 49% Female; 51% Male

50% Minority

55% Economically Disadvantaged

3.7% English Learners

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 2,765 Students with Disabilities

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941 Enrolled in Early Childhood (Pre-K)




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 Ranked #1 for progress index (100.1)

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 #1 Mastery+ in All Subjects

#2 Mastery+ for Students with Disabilities

#3 Mastery+  for Economically Disadvantaged Students

23 Schools Earned Top Gains Awards 

14 Schools Earned Equity Honoree Awards