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A teacher point at the sentence Success in Ascension Public School is achieved when we all work together! Vote March 25

About the Education Renewals

Ascension Public Schools is requesting the RENEWAL of three funding propositions on the March 25, 2023, ballot. The propositions are NOT NEW TAXES! Each of the three propositions represents a major funding block in the system:

#1 PEOPLE: Renewal of 21 mills dedicated to employee salaries
(Generates $36 million of the general budget)

These dedicated funds help to pay the salaries of the district's 3,500 employees! All dollars collected go to the district's teachers, bus drivers, custodians, food service workers, and other staff who provide needed services to students.

#2 TECHNOLOGY: Renewal of 8 mills dedicated to classroom and safety technology
(Generates $13 million of the general budget)

The district provides students at all grade levels with a laptop computer, enabling them to engage in new learning opportunities. During the pandemic, the district's investments in software and equipment enabled our students to more easily transition to virtual learning. In addition, improved security systems, cameras, and lighting have been installed at all district campuses.

#3 FACILITIES: Renewal of 4 mills dedicated to school facilities
(Generates $6 million of the general budget)

These dedicated dollars are essential to managing the district's day-to-day maintenance and building improvement needs of over 4 million square feet. Expenses include repair of HVAC systems, lighting, roofing, plumbing, and structural repairs.

Each of these three millages already exists on the parish's assessment rolls. Renewing the three millages will allow the school district to fund critical operatIons that DIRECTLY BENEFIT STUDENTS AND DO NOT INCREASE taxpayer's annual cost.

These renewals are NOT new taxes. They are a continuation of existing funding sources.

Success in Ascension Public Schools is achieved when we ALL WORK TOGETHER!

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