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Child Search/ Pupil Appraisal

Child Search

Ascension Parish Public Schools (APSB) assures that all children, ages 3 through 21, residing within the jurisdiction of the school system that have a disability and are in need of special education, related and/or support services are identified, located, and evaluated. APSB, through the Child Search Coordinator, will document that annual and ongoing activities are conducted to identify and locate children suspected of being exceptional and needing special education services.

  • Preschool - Not enrolled in APSB

Child Search offers educational evaluation services for preschool students who may have special needs. Please call 225-391-7298 for more information.

  • Preschool or School Age Enrolled in APSB

Contact your child's school to request a School Building Level Committee (SBLC) meeting to discuss your concerns.

Child Search Team
Photo of Child Search Team, Kim smith and Margo Edwards
Kim Smith 
Child Search Facilitator 
Margo Edwards
Educational Diagnostician

Pupil Appraisal 

In addition to Child Search Services, Pupil Appraisal Services is an integral part of APSB’s total instructional program. Services include prevention and intervention activities and, if needed, referral of children suspected of needing special education services. According to referral needs, a comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation is conducted by qualified examiners. These examiners include, but are not limited to educational diagnosticians, school psychologists, school social workers, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and/or adapted physical education teachers, who are all certified by the Louisiana State Department of Education.

A number of pre-referral activities must occur before a student receives a formal evaluation. When concerns are expressed by the teacher or the parent a meeting is arranged with the School Building Level Committee (SBLC). Information regarding educational interventions, cumulative records, health screening, and any other pertinent data are reviewed. The committee's options include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Conduct no further action
  • Individual evaluation
  • Refer the student for possible 504 evaluation
  • Interventions through RTI process

>An evaluation to determine eligibility for special education services is based on an ongoing comprehensive assessment. The systematic process of review, examination, and interpretation of interventions, test results, interviews, observations, relevant functional and developmental information, and eligibility determination are completed within 60 business days from the date the parent gives informed written consent for an evaluation.

In accordance with the State Child Search Program, annual and ongoing activities are conducted to identify and locate children (ages 3 through 21) suspected of being exceptional and needing special education and/or related services.

School Age Not Enrolled in APSB

For additional information please contact the Pupil Appraisal Services Department at 225-391-7221.

Group photo of pupil appraisal team for the 2023-24 school year
Pupil Appraisal Team
Pupil Appraisal Coordinator
Danielle Louque
Educational Diagnosticians
Kate Brian                                    Margo Edwards                              Brooke Guillory                                    Laura Hebert
Darlene Landry                         Julia Lemann                                     Erin Madere                                           Rachel Pope
Christi Prine                                Karista Reed                                     Lauren Settle                                         Emily Weidert
Certified School Psychologists
Jannelle Bell                                 Kenchetta Collins                         Stephanie Collins                                  Joe Cretini
Jennifer Engle                             Nathalie Gomez                             Jolie Guidry                                              Jami Pro
Amy Sykes
School Social Workers
Cardetra Furusa                        Deidre Kibbe                                     Heather Schmidt                                  Lauren Shaw
Deanna Wall