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Early Intervention

This Special Education program is provided for three through five-year-old students who exhibit developmental delays in one or more areas. Developmentally age-appropriate, pre-school activities and language techniques geared to individual developmental needs of the students are used in the classes. Student placement is decided by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Committee, following completion of an evaluation based on state criteria. Placement options could include the home, Day Care, Head Start, regular preschool class with itinerant services, Kindergarten class with itinerant services, or Reverse Mainstream Class.

If you are concerned about your child and feel that he/she may need to be evaluated, please refer to Child Search/ Pupil Appraisal.

Team Members:
Group photo of Ascension Parish Schools' 2022-23 Early Childhood/ Intervention Team
Noelle Graham 
Special Education Coordinator
Katie Calcagno
Special Education Coordinator
Dana Smith
Early Childhood Facilitator